About Us

Ambulance Employees Australia – Victoria (AEAV) is Victoria’s ambulance union.

Ambulance Employees Australia is a network of 7,000 ambulance professionals across Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory.

We work together to ensure that Ambulance employees secure recognition and reward for the important work they do.

In Victoria, AEAV is the only registered union for ambulance employees in the state.

Our team in Victoria is dedicated to providing members with professional legal and industrial representation throughout your career.

From lobbying the State Government to campaigning for equality and safety at work, our team of Paramedics, Lawyers, Organisers and Union Delegates are here to expertly support you through a prosperous career in the Ambulance sector.

You can count on AEAV to be in your corner when it matters most. To learn more about union membership benefits, visit our benefits page.

AEAV coverage includes the following sectors:

  • Ambulance Victoria
  • Emergency Services Telecommunication Authority (ESTA)
  • Non-Emergency Patient Transport

These divisions of the union are managed by our Member Delegates in each professional category. Member Delegates are members of the union who are currently employed in one of the above workplaces, ensuring that the union is solving the issues that affect your profession and providing the services you need to advance your career.

Find information specific to your work:

AEAV is a subdivision of the United Workers Union (UWU) – one of Australia’s largest national unions. AEAV holds its own governing rules while enjoying the financial security of a national, registered union. To learn more about the UWU, click here.