AEAV Bulletin – 23 August 2023



23 August 2023

Ambulance Victoria


As members would be aware, bargaining is now two weeks into a hiatus to allow AV to develop alternatives to various claims that have been put to them on behalf of members. For the current state of play, refer to the table below:

While it was disappointing that this work hadn’t been contemplated throughout the 6 – 7 months of bargaining meetings that have happened this year, parties agreed to this time for more meaningful discussions to occur.


UWU/AEAV bargaining representatives will continue to progress the claims members have told us are important to them and provide further detail as it is forthcoming from AV.


The UWU has recently received from AV correspondence indicating that, at this time, AV has no intention to change the AOD policy that will ensure protections for our members running foul of environmental exposure to drugs in the workplace.

In 2020, the UWU provided AV with a substantial evidence-based document showing that environmental exposure to drugs in the workplace is an actual hazard. This may result in members being placed on a disciplinary pathway, up to and including termination of their employment, through no fault of their own. Simple measures can be put in place by AV to protect their staff. However, AV continues to ignore science and is ignorant in this area. We will continue to take this important issue up with AV.


In the meantime, please continue to be cautious when administering ketamine. If you believe you have been exposed (especially in your hair), please report it as an incident to both AV and us. You can use this link to report.


We have been made aware of recent communication from AV to staff about the VACIs time (clearing KPI) being 20 minutes. In many instances, this arbitrary number is unreasonable and impossible to achieve due to the length of transport and the case’s complexity.


A VACIS, as you are all aware, is a medico-legal document, and as such, it must be completed promptly, accurately, and detailed. Completing such a document is vital for ongoing patient care, case audits, and coroner investigations and vital in court cases of various types. AV can use it to assess your performance in the face of a patient complaint. Many paramedics have been on the wrong end of a disciplinary process because of poor ePCR completion.


A reminder to all members that WorkSafe has found that completing a VACIS in the back of a moving ambulance constitutes a workplace hazard and should not be done. This is because a VACIS tablet cannot adequately be secured.

If you are likely to need more than the allotted 20 minutes to complete your VACIS, in the first instance, contact the DM and ask for more time. If that time is not granted, we encourage you to cease the ePCR and write the following when you have time to complete the VACIS.


“The completion of this ePCR was interrupted due to operational demand and was completed x (the amount of time) after the completion of this case and completed to the best of my recollection.”



Discussions continue as delegates and officials meet with the ESTA bargaining team each week.


Currently, the unions are awaiting the state government’s response to the proposed new classification structure negotiated by the bargaining parties to outline clearer career progression, reward years of service, and increase base rates.


The UWU has been working on prioritising the log of claims (further leave entitlements etc) that fall outside of safe staffing levels and classification structure and putting them to ESTA for negotiation.


It’s been impressive to watch the delegates across all unions working together to ensure that members’ voices are heard, and interests are met, and real solutions are reached.


These meetings require long hours and can be tedious, so please if you see a delegate from bargaining – give them a pat on the back or shout them a coffee.


Several postponements made by ESTA meant that there was a lot to get through on the agenda when the unions met for the UCC on 4 August 2023. As always, the delegates gave important feedback on ESTA’s processes and policy changes.


ESTA offered a revised scope of NETcomm call-taking. Delegate Sharyne Doensen communicated that the UWU could not support ESTA’s proposal in its current form as it puts members of the public at risk and unfairly puts pressure on NETcomm call takers who are not trained or paid to deal with ERTcomm calls.


UWU provided further explanation via a written response – you can read it here.


Thank you to those who brought their issues to the attention of union delegates and officials. Next UCC is scheduled for October. Please reach out if you have any questions or want to put forward your own suggestions.


Do you have something to say about how ESTA could be a better workplace? Are you wanting to learn more about your industrial rights? Do you want to develop your leadership skills?


The UWU is opening an EOI for those wishing to attend these UCC meetings. We are looking particularly for members who work primarily in either BalSecc or WILSecc.


This is a great opportunity to work (whilst being paid) alongside the other delegates across all unions and to learn from them how you can address day-to-day workplace issues in a productive and professional forum. No previous experience is required.


Successful applicants will receive our highly popular UWU delegate training.

EOI window will close COB 8 September 2023.


Send your EOI via [email protected] and tell us a little about yourself and why you want to be a delegate.



WRAW Con is coming up on Equal Pay Day – Friday 25 August. This year’s theme is Safe. Respected. Equal. Organised!


Victorian Trades Hall Council is hosting another year of WRAW Con. The aim of the conference is to bring together women, gender diverse and non-binary folks to get organised around emerging issues for women at work and celebrate women in our movement fighting for safety, respect, and equality.


The day includes a full conference program of speakers, panels, and workshops, a social hour, and an evening screening of feminist union classic film Made In Dagenham. More details and tickets can be found HERE.


Officials Lauren, Jules, and Delegate Maree will be attending, why not join them and further represent UWU and the Ambulance Sector?


As always, if you have any issues, questions or queries, get in touch by leaving a message on 9287 1713 or email [email protected]

And most importantly, please stay safe out there.

In solidarity,


Your AEAV team

Authorised by Sharron Caddie

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