AEAV letter to Minister regarding ESTA staffing levels

Staffing levels at the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) or Triple 0, have been chronically low for years. Our members have consistently expressed concern over the stress and workload pressures on them. Demand on the service – particularly to the Ambulance division – have increased significantly, and staffing levels have not caught up.

AEAV wrote to the Acting Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Hon Danny Pearson MP, requesting that additional funds be allocated for ESTA in the upcoming state budget.

Dear Mr Pearson,


The Ambulance Employees Association – Victoria (AEAV) is the union for Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) employees in Ambulance, and we write in relation to current Ambulance calltaker staffing levels given the recent high demand and pressure on Ambulance within the community.

The AEAV have conducted a survey of staff at ESTA to determine their stress levels as a result of understaffing in Ambulance. The respondents to the survey attributed high stress levels to excessive workload and intensification of work as a result of insufficient staff. Staffing levels at ESTA are now at crisis point, and additional resources for Ambulance call-taking and dispatch need to be given the highest priority.

The AEAV have been participating in a review with ESTA over the last six months about additional staffing, however any additional staffing outcomes from this review will not be implemented until the staffing review is completed, possibly more than six months from now.

We are writing to you as the Minister responsible, to ask for additional funding for ESTA to immediately increase staffing numbers in Ambulance calltaking.

Members would welcome the opportunity to discuss their staffing issues in person and would be pleased to meet with you if this would assist you in resolving the issue.

Kind Regards,

Brett Adie

Secretary, Ambulance Employees Australia – Victoria (AEAV)

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