AEAV/UWU delegates meet with CEO Shelley Dolan regarding the PCU and the PSBD.

Last week, AEAV/UWU delegates met with CEO Shelley Dolan to discuss their concerns regarding the Professional Conduct Unit and the delays in the implementation of the Professional Standards and Behaviour Department.

Our delegates did a terrific job in speaking openly about their own negative experiences with the PCU and offering important feedback on how the PSBD could avoid such shortcomings.  Our delegates communicated that it was important that the new structure should operate independently; managers should receive appropriate and adequate in-person training to handle complaints on the worksite before they worsen and are escalated; and lastly that all staff within the organisation should be provided in-person training around the expectations of conduct and behaviour at work. Dolan was receptive to the suggestions and committed to meeting again with the Union and the delegates in the coming months to provide further updates.

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