AV Offer 2024

Ambulance Victoria’s EBA Offer includes a 3% annual salary increase and a $1,800 cash lump sum payment at the end of each agreement year for full-time staff. Part-time and casual staff will receive a pro rata amount based on FTE fraction for part-time.

For PARAMEDICS, the offer raises concerns and has missing elements:

  • No certainty for staff to refuse code 2 or 3 jobs when the job will lead to overtime.
  • Absence of the “right to disconnect” as seen in the Police EBA.
  • No details on AV’s proposed workload clause.
  • Allowances that don’t adequately reflect costs e.g. meal allowance.
  • Insufficient improvements to overtime rates of pay.
  • Inadequate travel entitlements for full shift overtime.
  • No protections to stop the use of non-disclosure agreements.
  • No provisions to ensure gender pay equity in the service.
  • No ability for paramedics to access leave entitlements outside of the leave matrix.
  • No remote working incentives for rural paramedics.
  • No staff consultative committees.


For FMOs, the following is missing from the offer:

  • A pay increase aligning with other emergency services mechanics.
  • Career progression through Increments 3, 6 & 9.
  • No promise of increased staffing levels.
  • No staff consultative committees.


For ADMIN STAFF there is:

  • No detail on AV’s proposal for admin staff to be transferred to the admin agreement.
  • No ability for admin staff to move up bands once they’ve maxed out.
  • No increase for wages to keep up with the cost of living.
  • No staff consultative committees.


ACOs will not receive an availability allowance.


Considering these missing needs of hard-working Ambulance Victoria staff, the union asks its members whether this is a fair and comprehensive EBA offer. Would you vote yes to this proposal?


You can ensure your voice is heard in bargaining and support other staff at AV by:



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