ESTA – AEAV delegate’s perseverance and tenacity win again for our members.

Late December 2022, ESTA staff received their back payment of a 10% pandemic surge allowance for shifts worked Friday/Saturday and Sunday nights and it’s all thanks to our AEAV delegates.

This has been a long time coming as AEAV argued through the Memorandum of Understanding (the MOU) negotiations that ESTA staff needed to be more appropriately compensated for working unsociable shift times.

Despite ESTA agreeing to pay the amounts, several months passed and ESTA showed little sign of resolving the issue.

Our AEAV delegates persisted and called for more transparency from management around the reasons for the delay and how ESTA would back pay fairly and reasonably. After many back-and-forth emails and re-raising at MOU ESTA meetings, ESTA has not only provided a deadline but also for our members to be paid at a rate of $32 for part shifts missed.

AEAV will be pushing for a surge allowance in the next upcoming EBA.

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