ESTA Choose Staff for Independent Review Consultation

PwC and Mr. Graham Ashton are holding online consultations with 90 ESTA staff today (Thursday 9th December) to support Mr. Ashton’s review of ESTA’s capabilities.

PwC has requested that at least 10 CTD representatives across the 3 ESTA worksites be present at the consultation.

Union Delegates wrote to PwC to enquire about how the 90 staff were selected for the consultations. PwC responded that the staff had been nominated by ESTA.

Staff being nominated by ESTA was concerning for Delegates as the consultations must provide a balanced view of working at ESTA, particularly from staff who have been employed for 5+ years.

PwC responded saying that they were very aware that ESTA providing 90 staff for consultation might not bring a balanced view and that they had communicated this back to both EMV and ESTA.

PwC also said that the meetings will go ahead, and if they believe they need to hear from more staff to provide further views, then they would look into it.

Delegates advised PwC that they would be happy to put names forward of members who would like to share their experiences working at ESTA.

If you would like to have your name put forward for a confidential conversation with PwC, please contact your Delegate Sharyne Doensen (Tally Ho), Roger Parker (Balsecc) or Organiser Lauren Stanley (0425 755 903).

On Monday the 13th of December, 2021 Mr Ashton will be visiting ESTA Tally Ho. The union encourages all members to speak openly with Mr Ashton about their experiences working at ESTA. In particular, staffing pre-covid pandemic.

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