ESTA Staffing Review

One of the outcomes of the recent ESTA agreement was to form a staffing review of all aspects of operational staffing at ESTA. ESTA representatives and Union Delegates form the core of this committee, plus an independent chair (Mr Julius Roe) who will review the union suggestions and make recommendations to the ESTA Board.

Discussions will be held on:

Recruitment & Induction
Attrition Rates

Delegate Sharyne Doensen is calling on members to provide feedback, saying; “This is a significant opportunity for us to improve our workplace. Your operational experience and opinion will contribute to the success of this review. I encourage you to offer any thoughts about safe staffing levels and contact myself or the union.”

Sharyne, along with Industrial Officer, Max Resic will be your AEAV representatives throughout the Staffing Review process. If you have any questions or recommendations that you would like to put forward to ESTA, please contact us at 03 9287 1713 or at [email protected]. Sharyne can be contacted on [email protected].  

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