ESTA Workplace Stress Survey Results – 2021

Staffing levels at the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) have been chronically low for years.
Ambulance utilisation in Victoria has increased significantly over the last 12 – 24 months and demand on the Ambulance Division of the service has put extreme stress on ESTA Ambulance staff who are at the centre of managing the work caseload.
AEAV conducted a survey to understand how work intensification is affecting Ambulance staff at ESTA. The union is looking to establish solutions that can be engaged with ESTA, Ambulance Victoria, WorkSafe and the Victorian Government to implement positive change at ESTA.
136 Ambulance staff at ESTA completed the survey. Notably, participants were asked to rate out of 100, the adequacy of staffing levels at ESTA. The cumulative score was extremely low, at 19/100.
Full results of the survey can be read below:

ESTA Workplace Stress Survey Results

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