Health Worker Immunisation Roll-out

We have been meeting at both a National and State level with relevant minsters and advisors to get information on the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccinations. Meetings are ongoing so if you have queries, please let us know. At this stage we have been advised that Health Workers have been split into two categories for access to the vaccination. The majority of operational staff will be classified as category 1a, meaning they will get first access to the Pfizer vaccination.

Staff will be further prioritized to ensure that frontline workers at risk of encountering Covid-19 through direct patient care will be prioritised, meaning that both Paramedics and Patient Transport Officers are scheduled to have access to the vaccine in its first stage.

Category 1a is estimated to be completed in approximately 3 weeks (provided sufficient vaccines are available), with 6 regional vaccination hubs to be set up across the state, and vaccinations will be provided at several hospitals in Melbourne.

The speed of immunization depends on numbers of vaccinations available and on people available to administer the vaccine, at this point Victoria are looking to upskill additional RN’s and medication qualified EN’s, Paramedics and some latter year students to assist. The vaccinations will not be considered mandatory for health workers, despite requirements in the Ambulance Act.

If you have queries about the process for Covid-19 vaccinations, please contact the AEAV office on 03 9287 1713.

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