Interrupted VACIS

Members have had questions about their rights when they’re called to another case while completing their VACIS.

Code 1’s require an immediate response and will interrupt your VACIS. Code 2’s and 3’s will require a discussion with the DM on whether you can complete your VACIS before attending the job.

If you have responded to further cases and have one or more VACIS to complete, complete them as soon as practicable. You can also speak to the DM about requesting time to complete your VACIS if you have one outstanding from a previous case. Remember, your VACIS is a medico-legal document, and the service must support you in completing these documents.

If you are completing a VACIS that has been pending for any period of time, you should make a note of the delay in the case sheet narrative.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, AV had been putting pressure on paramedics by forcing them to respond to cases before their VACIS is complete. This results in a huge amount of additional workload and pressure on the paramedic.

The AEAV has raised this issue with the Health Minister’s Office as an example of AV shortcuts that have added stress to the job over the years and assisted AV in under-resourcing the service.

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