Letter to Health Minister re Surge Workforce

On the 24th of December 2021, AEAV wrote to the Health Minister, Martin Foley to outline challenges with the surge workforce assisting paramedics on road. An increase in unqualified paramedics have been partnered with paramedics on road which is contributing to an increase in early burnout and paramedics utilizing personal leave.

The AEAV proposed the following controls to assist paramedics and the surge workforce on road:

  1. Graduate Ambulance Paramedics (GAP’s) employed as part of the Medium Acuity Transport Service (MATS) be transferred to emergency roles after four roster cycles. MATS graduates to fill shifts currently filled by the unqualified surge workforce.
  2. All AV operational managers who are registered paramedics to perform at least one shift per week on road as part of surge workforce.

The benefits of implementing these changes would mean:

a) Paramedics work with a qualified paramedic or graduate paramedic and are able to
share workload.

b) Many operational managers, if exposed to a COVID-19 positive patient can continue
to work from home in substantive role whilst furloughed.

c) Indication to frontline workforce that all options have been exhausted prior to
requirement to work with unqualified.

d) Potential reduction in personal leave currently utilised by operational workforce.

e) MATS GAP’s eligible to fill overtime shifts if qualified paramedic not available.

Read the full letter from AEAV to Health Minister re Surge Workforce – 24 December 2021.

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