Meeting with PwC

On the 18th of November 2021, AEAV Delegates Sharyne Doensen and Roger Parker met with representatives from PwC Consulting to discuss Mr. Ashton’s review into the Emergency Services Telecommunication Authority (ESTA) and the relationship the union currently holds with the service.

PwC Consulting are supporting Mr. Ashton throughout his review into ESTA and were generous in spending an hour in discussion with Delegates on what improvements union members would like to see both within their working relationship with ESTA and within the service itself. It was a frank and productive conversation about the challenges members face when trying to have their voices heard at ESTA, in particular in consultation when ESTA refuse Delegates be part of discussions that affect their working lives.

PwC will be visiting all ESTA locations in the coming weeks and the union looks forward to working with PwC to ensure that ESTA staff can share their work-life experiences with the consulting firm through safe and anonymous avenues.

If you would like to know more about what was discussed during the meeting with PwC, reach out to your local Delegate or call the union on 03 9287 1713.

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