Ambulance Employees Australia - Victoria (AEAV)

Discounted psychometric coaching

Discounted psychometric coaching for AEAV members

Ambulance Victoria use psychometric tests to assess promotional and employment suitability. Experienced Paramedics and well qualified Graduate Paramedic applicants have failed these tests. If you fail, your application will be delayed by 6 or 12 months.

AEAV Members can access discounted Psychometric Coaching through our partnership with the Institute of Psychometric Coaching, to ensure members have a fair chance at achieving their professional goals. Our members who have completed this coaching have all then passed.

AEAV members can receive a 15% discount on the Institute’s ‘Ambulance Victoria Psychological Screening & Assessment Centre’ which is specifically focused on Ambulance Victoria’s testing. They offer in-person sessions in Melbourne and Sydney an online sessions.

Current prices are:

  • Face to Face session (Psychometric tests, job interview simulations, role play simulations) – 2 hours – $590
  • Online session (as above) – 2 hours – $540

You have the option to increase the number of hours if you like. With the AEAV discount you could be saving up to $100 or more depending on the service you choose.


How do I access this?

  1. Go to IPC website: https://www.psychometricinstitute.com.au/Ambulance_Victoria_Psychometric_tests.html
  2. Select “Start Preparing for Ambulance Victoria Assessment” at the bottom of the page
  3. Book the service you would like and pay the full fee
  4. Email [email protected] with your name, date you made your booking and the last 4 digits of the card you used to pay
  5. IPC issue a 15% refund to your card

“I applied for the Ambulance Victoria graduate program and, without any feedback, was told I had to re-sit a portion of the psychometric testing. I was forced to wait 6 months before I could re-sit the test which was a huge interruption to my life and caused additional stress and financial burden. When I reached out to the AEAV team they referred me to an organisation that provided professional coaching for the psychometric test with a 100% success rate.

After receiving the coaching (which I could conveniently do from home), I passed my re-sit with flying colours and was finally offered a graduate position. I would highly recommend the psychometric coaching for anyone interested in joining Ambulance Victoria as a graduate or qualified paramedic, even if you feel confident about the psychometric testing. It’s well worth it to give yourself the best opportunity given how grueling the application process is.”

–Brendan, Graduate Paramedic