No Surge Payment for NEPT

AEAV wrote to the Health Minister, Martin Foley to express nonemergency patient transport (NEPT) members anger in not being recognised for the vital work they have carried out during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic transporting covid positive patients, along with their usual workload which has significantly increased. The AEAV called on the Health Minister to value nonemergency transport members by allocating NEPT workers a surge support allowance as was initiated for paramedics and healthcare workers.

The Minister responded to AEAV in writing to acknowledge “the continued dedication of all healthcare workers in supporting Victoria’s COVID-19 response and adapting to the challenging circumstances” before outlining that the Governments recent announcement of a new $32 million Healthcare Worker Wellbeing Program would enable NEPT workers to access meals or meal vouchers, and psychological counselling.

While NEPT members appreciate the minister supporting their mental health and wellbeing, it is insulting to see that yet again the members who do a vital job in propping up Ambulance Victoria do not receive financial acknowledgement for the risky work they undertake every day.

You can read the full deflating response from the Health Minister here.



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