NPT Negotiations Update – #3

As previously reported, each of the unions submitted individual claim logs to NPT at the start of negotiations. The logs revealed a significant overlap between the respective union’s claims. The unions met to consolidate their respective logs into one where the individual claims were essentially the same. The separate claims unique to each union were then agreed to be supported by the other and thus presenting NPT with one log of claims. This consolidation should provide for more efficient and effective negotiations.

The consolidated log was presented to NPT. Clarification discussions between NPT and the unions formed most of the second session of negotiations. The most recent meeting provided an opportunity for NPT to respond and place their first counter offers on the table. NPT made it clear that although they are the largest provider of non-emergency patient transport in Victoria, they have little room to move on existing conditions. They indicated that their last contract renewals did not provide significant increases in contract revenues and that they operate in a competitive environment. The unions noted the position of NPT; however, it was suggested that significant improvements were required from NPT, especially on the back of the extra workload and fatigue experienced by staff resulting from the pandemic.

As the negotiations are ongoing and done in good faith and without prejudice, we cannot provide details of the progress of individual claims at this stage. Additionally, as there is a significant way to go in the negotiations, the AEAV is mindful of not creating expectations for members on what will be included in a final agreement, when discussions are in their infancy.

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