No Paramedic should be targeted for protecting themselves

Paramedic Rob Paton received a registration restriction after defending himself against an aggressive patient. AEAV took Rob’s registration restriction to VCAT and won. Rob was immediately reinstated as a registered Paramedic without restrictions and recommenced working his on road shifts. In the VCAT findings the Tribunal stated:

“Mr Paton would over his long career have had to deal with heightened patients before. No evidence was led to suggest that he has any history whatsoever of using inappropriate force or restraint. The numerous testimonials placed before us suggest that the opposite is true – that is, that he has been an exemplary dedicated member of and credit to his profession over many years.”

“The decision of the respondent to take immediate action under s 156 of the National Law is set aside.”

 “The result is such a relief. My career was threatened and Max and the team at AEAV stepped up. I hope none of you are ever in this position, but if you are, you can be confident that the AEAV will support you.”


The effects of Occupational Violence can be both physical and mental and AEAV members need to know that they will be supported when they defend themselves. The AEAV believes that the responsibility for supporting our members does not just rest with the AEAV, but also with the courts, employers, the community and legislative bodies that exist to ensure standards are maintained. Details of the recent case are below:

  • Rob is a 26 year veteran paramedic with Ambulance Victoria.
  • Rob has an unblemished performance and disciplinary record.
  • Recently Rob was involved in an OV incident where he defended himself against an aggressive patient.
  • AV investigated the incident and found Rob did nothing wrong.
  • AHPRA thought differently and tried to restrict his registration to prevent him having any interaction with patients.
  • This case is a reminder of the power that AHPRA wields and the requirement for professional representation internally and externally when your career is threatened.
  • Occupational Violence is experienced too frequently by paramedics and you should not have to answer to AHPRA when you defend yourself.
  • AHPRA should acknowledge the difficult and dynamic environment paramedics work in and should not make you afraid to protect yourself.
  • The AEAV will not let AHPRA take away any AEAV member’s registration without a fight and as a result appealed AHPRA’s decision against AEAV member Rob.

If you find your career threatened by AV or AHPRA you can be assured of professional representation by the AEAV. Our experienced team of paramedics and lawyers will work with you to get the best possible outcome and ensure legal principles are adhered to.

For representation or membership enquiries contact the AEAV team on 9287 1713 or via email at [email protected]

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