Recruitment Processes – will they ever learn?

In late 2021 the AEAV commenced a grievance on behalf of a member after a significantly flawed process for appointment to a seconded position. The grievance was the precursor for the admissions by Libby Murphy at the start of this year that recruitment failures had caused harm to many people and her subsequent vow to fix it.

Eventually AV committed to reviewing the original decision after issues were identified with the process and the panel selection. Then they did nothing for over 4 months until the matter was escalated.

Then finally we got movement from AV on setting up an “independent” panel to review the original decision. After a series of delays and a lack of communication AV eventually proposed to put one of the original unsuccessful applicants on the panel to review the decision. If that wasn’t baffling enough, we have now found out that AV has asked the region that failed to comply with AV procedures to nominate its own lackies to review the decision.

Despite all the statements about creating a fair recruitment process, the reality is that the issues are so ingrained that AV cannot even see when the process is blatantly biased. After years of being able to do as they like they no longer have the insight necessary to be proactive.

And all the while our member is still waiting on outcomes of a grievance submitted 9 months ago.

If you feel your career has been stymied by unfair recruitment processes you can contact us at [email protected] or call on 9287 1713 to discuss your issue.

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