Triple Zero Intimidated By Union Members

Triple Zero were rattled before Christmas when photos of calls waiting turned up on Reddit, prompting Triple Zero to unleash their legal team onto the unions.

In the past, union members have taken photos of calls waiting as part of protected action, and Triple Zero have quickly come to the table to reach an agreement. But in this round of bargaining, Triple Zero are singing a different tune.

This time, Triple Zero’s legal team say that union members sharing photos of calls waiting breaks confidentiality and is in-breach of the agreed work bans.

So, what’s going on here?

When union members take industrial action (work bans), those actions require Fair Work Commission (FWC) approval. There are two approved work bans at Triple Zero that relate to the current issue of taking photos of calls waiting.

One ban allows members to take photos on the ops floor (as long as the images don’t include confidential info) and the other ban covers members sharing information about their industrial action on social media.

Protected action has been occurring at Triple Zero for four weeks, and the unions have applied to the FWC for another month of action. The unions are also in the process of deciding which actions members should take next.

You can have your say on this by taking the UWU survey and telling us at the end what you think the most powerful work bans are.

The union hopes to have a clearer answer on the posting of call waiting photos and we’ll keep you posted on that front.

In the meantime, snap away on the ops floor! Take shots of calls waiting, get your union gear on and take group photos! Then send your images to Organiser Lauren Stanley at 0425 755 903.

Lauren will review all photos and chat with you about how we can use them or not use them.


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