Response from Hon Danny Pearson MP regarding ESTA staffing levels

The AEAV recently wrote to the Acting Minister for Police and Emergency Services Danny Pearson regarding staffing levels at ESTA. This was in the lead up to the Victorian budget in the hope that additional funds would be included in for the agency.

Below is Mr Pearson’s response to our letter.

Dear Mr Adie,


Thank you for your correspondence of 12 May 2021 regarding current ambulance call taker stalling level at the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA).

The Victorian Government greatly values the work of all ESTA workers and their selfless contributions to the safety and wellbeing of the community. I would also like to acknowledge the work of the Ambulance Employees Association Victoria (AEAV) and recognise that high stress levels experienced by our ambulance call takers is of much concern.

As you are aware, on 20 May 2021, the Victorian Government State Budget 2021-22 was handed down. I am pleased to advise that $46.2 million has been provided to ESTA in 2021-22 to support the Triple Zero service, providing additional staff to meet service demand increases; mental health support for frontline workers: and for continuation of the Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) upgrade program.

This funding will allow ESTA to maintain consistent Triple Zero service delivery and provide additional full-time equivalents (FTE) to meet service demand increases. The funding will also provide mental health support for ESTA frontline workers, including mental health check-ins and mental health and resilience training. The Victorian Government will continue to work with ESTA and the AEAV to address the needs and concerns of ambulance call takers at ESTA.

Thank you for taking the time to write to me. My office will be in touch with you to discuss the above in more detail. I trust this information is of assistance.


Yours sincerely

Hon Danny Pearson MP

Acting Minister for Police and Emergency Services

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