8/6 Dual Pandemic Crewing – Is It Working?

AEAV members continue to raise concerns about the 8/6 dual paramedic crewing model. This model was introduced into Loddon Mallee as a knee jerk reaction to negative media in a small rural town. AV was allowed to push the model through without broad consultation of those who would ultimately be impacted. Consequently, it has resulted in much debate across branches as they are forced to move to the model.

The feedback includes but is not limited to:

  • The roster model has increased fatigue
  • The model has not solved issues surrounding rest and fatigue breaks
  • The model has done nothing to address workload issues in the busier 8/6 branches
  • The model has increased vacancies in branches that are traditionally hard to fill
  • Towns served by these branches are left uncovered for increasing periods

It is clear to the AEAV that many members feel that the 8/6 dual paramedic model, rather than being the much-touted panacea, has exacerbated issues in these branches. The AEAV is keen to hear from paramedics whose branches have moved, or are slated to move, to this model, to understand the extent of the problems.

To discuss this issue, please don’t hesitate to contact Darren Law on 0434 628 877 or email [email protected]

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