NPT Negotiations Update – #2

The AEAV met with NPT on Tuesday, 24 May 2022, for the second round of negotiation meetings.

Before this meeting, the AEAV met with the VAU to consolidate our respective logs of claims into one document. Previously, we had identified a significant number of claim similarities between the individual logs of the AEAV and the VAU. Consolidation of the individual logs will aid in providing a more efficient bargaining process, especially where the AEAV and the VAU were essentially making the same claim. Members should note that the AEAV and VAU reached an agreed position on those claims identified as essentially being the same, whilst preserving the intent of the specific claim. Where individual claims differed markedly or were not included in both, the AEAV and the VAU agreed to support those individual claims put by the other.

The consolidated log of claims was then presented to NPT prior to the meeting.

During the negotiation meeting, NPT sought to clarify some claims and provided an initial response on their position. This meeting helped lay the foundation for further negotiation meetings in areas of agreement between the parties and identified issues needing more discussion. Members should note that as this meeting was essentially an early scoping meeting, there has been no agreement between the parties on any item at this early stage.

As further information becomes available, the AEAV will continue to post updates here. We recommend members regularly check the website for the latest update.

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