Admin Letter to Ambulance Victoria CEO Jane Miller

UWU Admin Members have courageously advocated for the abolition of the Mercer System, job reviews for admin staff, and the advancement of two pay points within their salary bands to reflect their contributions at Ambulance Victoria (AV).

Ambulance Victoria has proposed that Administrative staff translate from the Operational Agreement to the Management and Administration Agreement (AVMA), offering an uplift averaging $900, a job review, and a one-off payment of $7,200.

Admin members say that an uplift of $900 is not good enough and that a $7,200 one-off payment will be taxed highly and will not financially benefit staff long-term. There is a cohort of shift workers at AV who are concerned about losing their penalties and want AV to commit to translating those penalties to the AVMA.

Today, Administration UWU union members wrote to the Chief Executive Officer, Jane Miller of Ambulance Victoria to outline their long-term wage stagnation and ask for Jane’s assistance in ensuring that Ambulance Victoria is a Safe, Fair and inclusive employer.

UWU Admin Member – Letter to Jane Miller

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