Admin Members Notify AV

Admin union members employed at Ambulance Victoria have notified their employer that they will start taking protected action of Monday the 25th of March, 2024.

In bargaining, Ambulance Victoria has provided a second package offer to admin union members for a translation from the operational agreement to the management and administrative agreement (AVMA). 

The proposed translation fails to address the systemic inequality that administrative staff have endured while operating under the Ced Mercer System. This flawed system has perpetuated a lack of salary transparency, leaving members in the dark regarding fair compensation for their invaluable contributions. 

Admin members have notified AV that they resolutely reject the proposal and will be taking protected action as of Monday. Admin members require external role reviews to ensure fair and equitable compensation, salary increases and increased banding.  

The government must uphold its duty to promote workplace equality and guarantee that all Ambulance Victoria employees receive wages that reflect the value of their work, attract top talent, and mitigate against attrition. 

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