Without Fleet, Everything Stops! 

Fleet Maintenance Officers are enthusiastically embarking on unprecedented industrial action this week. FMOs across Regional Victoria are chalking up trucks, and receiving solidarity messages from paramedics on their trucks, highlighting the crucial work Fleet Maintenance Officers undertake to keep Ambulance Victoria’s wheels turning. 

As a unique step in this round of protected action activities, FMOs are participating in Stop Work meetings. This is a significant step for these members to take and demonstrates just how dissatisfied Fleet Maintenance Officers are with the lack of any movement whatsoever from AV on their claims in bargaining.  

The preparedness of FMO members to embark on this level of industrial action is a clear demonstration that they are sick of being left behind. AV has dismissed FMO claims during bargaining by offering them NOTHING in any of the settlement offers to date. FMOs won’t put up with being the forgotten cohort of AV anymore. Without Fleet, everything stops!  

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