AEAV/UWU Withdrawal of Support for the Extension of the Surge MOU

In mid-October, the AEAV reluctantly agreed to endorse the first extension of MOU – Surge Transition to 16 January 2023 as the Union recognised the ongoing strain on the system. Having endorsed the extension, we were very aware of the increased stressors placed on paramedics having to work with surge staff and the impacts this was having on their mental health.

AEAV / UWU met with AV in December to discuss the rollback of some of the COVID arrangements. At the meeting, AV announced that they would be seeking a further extension to the MOU until the end of June 2023. Based on the feedback we received from members and delegates, the officials wrote to AV withdrawing our support for the extension of the surge.

Members can read our response here

It is the Union’s view that given COVID-19 is now an endemic part of Victorian society, a permanent increase in the operational Paramedic and Non-emergency staffing FTE numbers is the only enduring solution for the ever-increasing demand for ambulance services (COVID-19 related or not) and hospital ramping issues.

If you are aware of inappropriate utilisation of Surge Responders make sure to report it here

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