ESTA Bargaining

Bargaining with ESTA has just commenced. The AEAV/UWU officials have actively listened to the members and gathered survey answers to collate a comprehensive draft log of claims. The delegates and officials met on 12 January 2023 and the feedback from our delegates has been hugely positive. It was concluded that ESTA staff are an integral part of Emergency Services and thus a part of Victoria’s Public Sector. Consequently, our log of claims must reflect this to ensure that the days of privatisation and the view that ESTA 000 is a call centre – are long gone.

Our delegates are currently fine-tuning the draft LOC to ensure that the log of claims represents and speaks to the interests of the workers across all ESTA worksites. Once reviewed and approved by our delegates, the log of claims will be put to the wider membership for it to be endorsed.

Officials will be visiting all worksites and contacting members over the coming weeks to ensure that we have the full support of our members when we go into the first bargaining meeting. If members want further information about the bargaining process or the log of claims, call Organiser Jules Gibson on 0422682622.

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