AV cover-up allegations of misconduct by managers

Over recent weeks the AEAV has provided assistance to a member who has made allegations of fraud regarding the conduct of a Team Manager and a member of the Loddon Mallee Regional Management Team. The allegation of fraud is based on AV’s own Fraud Control Framework. The matter was reported to PCU which sent the matter back to the RMT to investigate. The AEAV believes one member of the RMT is directly involved and another had knowledge of the incident before it occurred.

How can a person who is the subject of a complaint have any involvement at all in the subsequent investigation of the complaint? Successive People Matter surveys have shown that a significant proportion of AV employees have little faith in the process and our recent survey regarding PCU conduct reaffirmed this. Confidence in the system is unachievable when managers are presented with an opportunity to cover-up their own behaviour.

The AEAV Survey conducted earlier this year overwhelmingly showed that AV employees have significant concerns regarding the conduct of PCU. Since then the AEAV have requested a copy of the independent review of PCU conducted in 2018. Our request was denied twice by AV with no adequate reasoning. The recent conduct by PCU confirms your concerns and provides some explanation of why AV would not release the findings of the independent review.

This is a serious issue and requires immediate intervention from the AV Executive to ensure that staff are protected when exercising their right to complain about misconduct. AEAV will be making contact with AV Exec to highlight these concerns which go to the heart of AV’s integrity when managing complaints.

If you feel your complaint has not been appropriately investigated please contact AEAV on 9287 1713 or email us at [email protected] . We believe this conduct has been occurring for some time and the AEAV will hold AV to account whenever necessary.

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