AV delays Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) protection

It seems AV are delaying the introduction of protections for members using Ketamine on the frontline.

AEAV continues to lobby for AV to make changes to their AOD policy and procedures to recognise the risks associated to occupational exposure to Ketamine. The AVEA 2020 Implementation Working Group has commenced and to date we are not convinced that AV sees this as a priority, with long delays between meetings and proposed outcomes that do not resolve the issue.

AEAV is in the final stages of completing our position paper which calls for wide-ranging changes to minimise the risk to AV staff. The paper has been completed in consultation with our AOD working group and will be made available for all to see once completed.

Additionally, AEAV has met with the Health Minister’s Office and DHHS this week to leave the government in no doubt that they need to ensure that AV does not unnecessarily delay real protections for those of you on the frontline.

Stay tuned for more info and keep an eye out for our detailed position paper in the coming days.

If you want to add to the discussion or be a part of the push for real change, let us know at [email protected] or call on 9287 1713 and leave us a message.

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