AV Wage Increases

The third round of wage increases in the Enterprise Agreement 2020 (EA) are due on the 1st February 2022.

Members subject to the terms and conditions detailed in the EA are entitled to the following:

  • a 2% increase to the weekly base aggregate wage,
  • a 2% increase to the allowances specified in clause 31 (p44) and Appendix 9 (p165). They include
    • Communications Centre Allowance
    • Overnight Travel/ Living Away from Home Allowance
    • Operational Crewing Allowance (payable to those members who meet the requirements of clause 31.16 p48-49)
    • Incidental Expense Allowance
    • On-call Allowance
    • Non-Rostered On-call Allowance
    • Sessional Clinical Instructor Allowance

(the new applicable rates are detailed in Appendix 9 p 165)

  • All year 9 Increments will have an additional increase of 0.75% to the weekly base aggregate wage (clause 27.4(h)(xx)(A) p32)
  • These increases will be used for the calculation of the new rolled in rate (clause 27.2 p30)

Fast Tracking for ALS and MICA (clause 26.7 p35)

Fast-tracking from level 4,5 or  6 to level 7 for those members that have met the requirements surrounding the completion of CI courses and Sessional Clinical Instructor.

If you would like to discuss your wage increases and increments, call the union on 03 9287 1713 or email [email protected]

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