Omicron Safety Briefings

With Omicron spreading through our states and workplaces, the United Workers Union (UWU) will be running updated information sessions for union members and WHS representatives on organising and taking action around workplace safety issues.

The purpose of these meetings are to:

  • Meet with workers from across the country to hear how Omicron is impacting WHS
  • Learn UWU National principles around COVID and safety  (including supporting the ACTU whole of movement campaign around safety at work)
  • Learn your rights to safe workplaces and receive practical tools to enforce and take industrial, and political action, to win safe workplaces
  • Contribute to an online action together during the seminar and send a message from UWU workplace leaders about our health and safety

The Victorian Omicron Safety Briefing will be held on the 1st of February 2022 at 2pm and you register for the training here.

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