Best Practice Not Applied To Recruitment Process

AEAV is challenging Ambulance Victoria’s recruitment processes and calling out the service for not implementing the Victorian public services best practice recruitment selection methodology and tools when internally recruiting staff to higher roles within the service.

The Victorian public service outlines that recruitment selection should be based on the following:

  • 25% – Application
  • 25% – Interview
  • 25% – Additional assessments (i.e. Psychometric, clinical exam, operational assessments)
  • 25% – Referee checks

The union has received numerous complaints from members that have not been afforded a fair recruitment process within AV. The service has been relying on parts of the best practice methodology, rather than using all selection tools to determine the best candidate for the position. For example, members have been assessed solely on their psychometric scores without being given the opportunity for an interview or having AV call their referees. This is not a holistic and best practice approach to recruitment and opens the door for subjective bias, where recruiters can select their mate for the position, rather than the best candidate.

The AEAV is calling on AV to familarise themselves with best practice recruitment and implement the above tools holistically to ensure a fair and consistent approach to internal recruitment.

If you have been affected by AV’s inconsistent recruitment processes, call the union to discuss your career on 9287 1713.

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