Parliamentary Secretary’s Emergency Demand Consultative and Advisory Forum

On Thursday the 29th of June 2021, AEAV along with other health sector unions and representatives from health services attended the 3rd meeting of the PSEDC&AF. The meeting was chaired by former AEAV Secretary and current Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Steve McGhie. This was the 3rd and final meeting of this group.

These forums were convened in response to the emergency health issues that have been prevalent over recent months with demand for resources outstripping supply. The AEAV provided a submission to the Forum in June 2021. You can read our submission here.  

The most recent meeting reviewed some of the outcomes so far and discussed long term options for improving flows within the health sector.

Key themes of short-medium term options being considered include additional staffing in ED’s and allied health and increases to telehealth support and in-reach services. In addition to development of care pathways across the health sector. Further information will be released in the future on the specifics.

Meanwhile, in the short-term Ambulance Victoria has announced a trial for a Medium Acuity Transfer Service (MATS). Further information on this trial can be found here.

In addition to the MATS trial AV have indicated that other initiatives regarding additional resources, access to mental health support service (teleprompt), expansion of Referral Services and additional AV staff in Comms Centres are in the pipeline. Further details to be provided on these when available.





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