Flexible Work – Factsheet

Flexible Work

Ambulance Victoria Employees have several options for flexible work for employees. These options will have an impact on your overall remuneration, superannuation and on other workplace conditions. The advice provided in this fact sheet is general advice and not applicable to every situation, as such, we strongly recommend you do not act until you have contacted the AEAV for specific advice.

Flexible work options include the following.

Flexible Work Arrangements

  • Employees with more than 12 months continuous service may request a change to work arrangements if they require flexibility because they have the responsibility for the care of a child, are a carer, have a disability, are 55 or older, are experiencing family or domestic violence or are supporting someone who is, have a relevant medical condition, or if they are returning to work after taking parental
  • A request for a flexible working arrangement must be in writing, explain the changes that are being asked for and explain the reasons for the requested The AEAV can assist with developing a request for a flexible working arrangement.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements may be refused for operational reasons. Talk to the AEAV for support and assistance if you have a flexible work arrangement that has been

Four for Five Flexible Work Arrangement

  • An employee with at least 24 months continuous service may request to work a four for five flexible work arrangement. This involves banking 20% of your hours every year for 4 years and then commencing leave for twelve months in the fifth year. The leave period will be paid at the rate of the fourth

Job Share

  • Job share can occur when two employees can voluntarily share one full time job. This option requires two employees to come to an agreement about sharing all the duties and responsibilities of one full time position. Benefits of the position such as leave, rostered days off and so on, will accumulate on a pro-rata

These options all form a change to your contract of employment. There will also be impacts on your superannuation if you access any of the available flexible work arrangement options. It is strongly recommended that you contact the AEAV for advice and support to ensure that we can help you find the best solution to meet your needs.


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