Welfare Meetings – Factsheet

AEAV have been advised that Ambulance Victoria are undertaking performance management and asking inappropriate questions under the guise of a welfare meeting.

What is a “welfare meeting”?

A welfare meeting in the workplace is meant to be an informal discussion between an employer and an employee to talk about their current state of health and welfare. They are designed to offer support for employees prior to issues escalating. Unfortunately, managers sometimes use welfare meetings as an opportunity for a discussion about workplace incidents, disciplinary or performance management issues.

What should happen in a welfare meeting?

You should always be told what a meeting with your manager is about prior to participating. A welfare meeting should never include any discussion of workplace issues, it should solely be about your health or welfare.

Asking you if you are OK Asking you to respond to workplace


Asking you if you need support Asking you to give details of medical


Allowing you a support person Not providing you with sufficient notice

that the meeting is going ahead

Offering support in the form of counselling Asking you to see a company doctor

*There are exceptions to some of these, please contact the AEAV for support.

What should you do if you are invited to a welfare meeting?

  1. Ask for an agenda for the meeting
  2. Contact the AEAV for advice, support and assistance
  3. Ensure you have an AEAV Representative to act as a support person or a representative
  4. Remember that you can call a halt to a welfare meeting at any stage where you do not feel comfortable
  5. Take a paper and pen and keep notes of what happens in the meeting

It is important that you contact the AEAV via phone or email for more information. Every case will be different, we will be able to provide tailored advice to your specific situation.


Download a copy of this factsheet below.

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