Letter regarding NETCOMM only call takers

Today the AEAV wrote to the Emergency Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) regarding its concerns in relation to the recruitment of NETCOMM only call takers.

In the letter, AEAV Secretary Brett Adie states that ESTA was asked to provide a response addressing the AEAV’s concerns regarding these call takers by 22 October. No response to this request has been provided.

The letter stated:

We are of the understanding that notwithstanding our concerns, ESTA has engaged a number
of persons on 6-month contracts to be employed as NETCOMM only call takers to commence
on 29 October 2021. As set out above in the AEAV is of the view that by engaging call takers
in only one skillset within a stream, ESTA is in contravention of the Agreement.

Confirmation by ESTA regarding this matter is sought from AEAV by 4.30pm 27 October.

Read the full letter HERE.

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