Letter to Ambulance Victoria regarding 10 hour rest periods

Today the AEAV wrote to Ambulance Victoria (AV), to raise concerns and seek clarification regarding AV’s apparent change in practice between contacting staff and the ten hour rest break required between shifts, in accordance with the Agreement.

In the letter, AEAV expressed its concern that this approach represents a change in practice and an inconsistent approache which results in Paramedics not being clear on their rights.

AEAV secretary Brett Adie wrote:

AEAV is not aware of any clause within the Agreement which provides AV with the justification for interrupting 10 hour rest periods of those rostered as spare.

AEAV has asked AV to clarify the following:

  • Has AV adopted a change in practice regarding the 10 hour rest break?
  • What clause of the Agreement is being used to assert that AV can contact employees in the final three hours of the 10 hour rest break without the rest break restarting?
  • What systems will be put in place to ensure these practices do not continue?

Read the full letter HERE.

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