Letter to the Minister for Health regarding Hospital Surge Support Allowance for private NEPT officers

Today the AEAV wrote to the Health Minister, Martin Foley, about the treatment of Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT) officers in relation to the Hospital Surge Support Allowance.

In the letter, AEAV expresses its disappointment that private NEPT officers have been excluded from the allowance.

AEAV secretary Brett Adie wrote:

 The NEPT sector is integral to the functionality of the health system and will continue to be a key component of the health systems response to the COVID19 pandemic.

NEPT officers’ duties have not only changed significantly during the pandemic response, but their exposure to risk has significantly increased as a result of their direct contact with large numbers of COVID-19 positive patients. 

AEAV has asked the Minister to consider options that show appreciation for private NEPT officers, with Mr Adie writing:

The AEAV are concerned that a failure to adequately recognise the contribution of these workers to the overall response may lead to unnecessary resignations, putting further strain on the system.

Read the full letter HERE.

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