MOU Extension

Interim CEO Stephen Leane has called for a series of meetings to discuss an extension of the current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) until January 2023.

At the initial meeting, Stephen Leane expressed a desire to see Call-Takers and Dispatchers recognised as professionals in emergency services communications and compensated for their contribution to the community. This sounded nice in the meeting however, Stephen failed to outline immediate issues ESTA would like to work collaboratively on and instead suggested the Delegates and unions initiate these conversations.

It’s important for ESTA to be forthcoming with issues they wish work through with Delegates and unions and not expect the workforce to amend long-term systemic issues that were not their reasonability to manage.

Julius Roe (ex Fair Work Commissioner overseeing the Independent Review into ESTA) has suggested an agenda for the next meeting on Tuesday the 24th of May. Julius expressed that the focus should initially be on the issues which need to be resolved in the short term to facilitate:

  • effective service to the community during the interim period of ongoing shortage of resources and the associated employee wellbeing issues
  • the most speedy and effective roll out of the additional resources funded in the budget;
  • the additional allowances/payments to be extended.

1 Delegate from each union and 2 from CWU will be present at all MOU meetings at ESTA. The union will consult with members via phone and email to discuss outcomes from meetings and we encourage members who hold an interest in providing input to contact the union on 9287 1713 or [email protected]


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