Current Worksafe Incidents

AV – Clearing hospital KPI

In March 2022 we made a notification to WorkSafe via an Incident Report related to AV’s use of KPI’s to intimidate staff. The AEAV believes the focus on the KPI’s pushes staff to operate unsafely to avoid the ire of management and to be considered for promotional opportunities.

WorkSafe have now spoken with members and are requesting data from AV as part of their investigation. Of particular interest is the Clearing KPI which encourages people to start their VACIS in unsafe working environments, including ambulances.

AV – AP12 restrictions

Two weeks ago AV advised that they would be commencing a 6 month trial whereby restrictions are lifted for AP12’s. They also indicated that they would be implementing some support mechanisms including a “buddy” system.

Clearly this is a stepping stone to removing the restrictions permanently and another step in pushing people to earlier burnout or PTSD.

Restrictions for AP12’s were in place for a reason. They are a necessity, not a luxury and as such should not be eroded because AV failed to adequately resource the sector.

This is a familiar ploy by AV which has a history of sneaking things in via a trial and then keeping them in place. For too long AV have used their power as the primary employer of paramedics in Victoria to erode your rights and conditions.

The AEAV has submitted an Incident Report to WorkSafe and will provide members with an opportunity to speak with the WorkSafe team. The team will need personal accounts of how they have or will be affected by these changes. So contact us at [email protected] if you would like to be involved.

AV – Contacting staff between nightshifts

After a “screw you” response from AV to a grievance regarding contacting spares between nightshifts we have taken this matter to WorkSafe. Since the dismissive response from AV things have actually got worse with AV now believing they can contact anyone between nightshifts. This is a shift and we believe AV is knowingly causing harm. AV appear to be using the “Flexible Shift” conditions to justify this approach. To provide specific examples of this occurring you can contact us at [email protected].

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