AEAV refuses to apologise for holding AV Exec to account

In March 2022 the AEAV wrote to the AV Board calling for the immediate termination of an Executive Director.

On 8 April 2022 we received a response from the Chair of AV Board, Ken Lay. In short, we found the letter offensive to our members, particularly given the years of inaction by the AV Board in addressing the cultural issues.

On 17 May 2022 we wrote back and made our thoughts very clear. You can read our response here, which states in no uncertain terms that we hold the AV Board and Executive responsible for the years of harm caused to AV staff, and more recently the Boards failure to minimise harm when the cultural issues were laid bare and the failings of the PCU and other departments were aired publicly.

Maybe if the Board had been told some hard truths years ago AV wouldn’t have needed a 700+ page VEOHRC review.

On 30 May we received the following response from Ken Lay. Whilst devoid of any organisational commitments, the letter does commit to ongoing consultation.

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