Commencing Practice – Request for Mercer Review

**Update  – You can read Ambulance Victoria’s dismissive response to the union’s request for an external review into the Mercer system for Commencing Practice members here.

On 17 May 2022 the AEAV wrote to AV on behalf of members in the Commencing Practice team. The team is part of Operational Capability and was subject to a restructure in early 2020. At the time the team were advised that their positions had changed but AV was true to form and told the team that they had internally reviewed the new positions and conveniently there was no change to pay banding despite extra responsibilities. The team also asked for the updated Positions Descriptions but still have not been provided with these.

The team asked for a review of the Mercer evaluations but were blocked at every turn. Once again transparency is only a priority for AV when it works in their favour.

You can read the letter we sent to AV here.

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