NPT Log of Claims – #1

Negotiations for the National Patient Transport 2022 enterprise agreement opened on the 10th of May 2022. This initial meeting primarily discussed housekeeping arrangements going forward and broad-brush stroke positions from each of the parties present.

The AEAV outlined that our members were seeking significant wage growth through parity with their public sector counterparts, recognition of their past and ongoing work during the COVID-19 pandemic, improved training opportunities, and improvements to workplace health and safety.

NPT for their part have expressed a desire not to revisit the trauma of the last damaging and protracted enterprise agreement negotiations. Additionally, they reminded the parties that unlike the public sector, they are not backed by government treasury and any final agreement would additionally need to be approved by the board.

The unions have presented their log of claims to NPT and committed to caucus prior to the next scheduled meeting on the 24th of May. This will enable commonalities between the respective logs to be identified. Identification of these commonalities, which there appears to be a significant amount of, will lead to more efficient and timelier conclusion to negotiations.

We will continue to keep members informed of negotiations progress after each meeting.

The AEAV log of claims, as presented to NPT, can be found here.

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