OHS forms for Ketamine Exposure

It’s important to protect yourself in the event of occupational exposure, so keep the ketamine incident reports coming.

AV have recently been in discussion with the AEAV about the incident report, claiming that the only form that will be acceptable is their internal form. According to the OHS act, AV cannot refuse or ignore an incident/accident or near miss that is reported in a manner other than AVs preferred form.

It is the view of the AEAV that the very fact that AV employees are using a different manner of reporting suggests that the HSCS system may not be the most effective method of reporting and tracking incidents. We are concerned that the current system is not as effective as it could be and suggest that AV consult with employees about its effectives and what improvements could be made. Regardless of this AV are obligated to monitor all hazards and risks, and take action to control and, where reasonably practicable, eliminate all risks. The OHS Act 2004 does not require employees to report matters on a prescribed form, and for AV to refuse to accept the notification of an incident due to the form it is provided in would be unlawful.

AV are obligated to take action to control all risks they are aware of, with a goal of eliminating the risk.  AVs refusal to allow a level of occupational exposure to ketamine creates a significant psychosocial hazard, with a high risk to paramedics that they experience stress and anxiety due to concerns they may be stood down and effectively be accused of drug abuse.

You can access the Ketamine Incident Report form HERE

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