VEOHRC Review Update

Nearly 2000 people have filled in VEOHRC surveys outlining their experiences with negative workplace behaviours at Ambulance Victoria.

The key issues for us to focus on seem to be shaping up as –

  • Workplace behaviours training (or lack thereof). Training does not seem to be provided to employees on a regular basis to explain what negative workplace behaviours are, or what can be done to resolve issues. This seems an essential gap, when many companies do it on an annual basis.
  • An effective, independent external investigation process will be essential in changing workplace culture.
  • Regular audits to look for patterns of behaviour, including patterns in workers compensation claims around bullying and harassment.
  • Management training in how to support staff experiencing bullying, discrimination or harassment.
  • External resolution processes such as utilising trained mediators
  • Improved support mechanisms to support staff experiencing bullying and harassment
  • Review recruitment processes to ensure merit based, non-discriminatory, fair and transparent recruitment

If you want to add to this list, you can contact the Clean Up AV campaign, please call the AEAV at 03 9287 1713 or at [email protected]

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