AEAV Bulletin – 12 September 2022




12 September 2022


Recently AV finally came out and confirmed that two senior managers were stood down pending an investigation into behaviour at an industry event in early August. Rumours had been circulating for weeks, however we had heard nothing from the AV Exec until they were contacted by the Herald Sun.

The AEAV sits in meetings with AV where the term “radical transparency” is bandied around. However, as we saw on this occasion, “radical transparency” only came into play when AV realised the brand was going to be tarnished in the media. Similar response to what we saw from AV in late 2020 when the reports of sexual harassment and discrimination were made public.

Until AV starts to put their people before the brand, no one can have any confidence that issues will be addressed and that the culture will change.


The AEAV is building a facebook page from scratch for members to raise issues and to keep abreast of developments. This will be another way our members can interact with the team and your peers. The administrators and moderators will not tolerate disrespectful behaviour and will ensure that interactions are courteous and relevant. Please join the page here if you are on facebook and become a part of the voice for change.


On the weekend AEAV officials attended the Sunraysia Football Netball League Grand Final in Mildura. The purpose was to get as many signatures as possible supporting the campaign for more ambulances in Mildura. Assisting us at the games were UWU officials from Adelaide and Farms members from the Mildura region. The day was an outstanding success with over 1000 locals signing the petition in support of Mildura region paramedics.

The petition for more Mildura resources continues and can be signed HERE.


It took over 4 months but finally the AEAV got a response from the Health Minister to our letter regarding AV’s failure to recognise the experience of Rosters team members. You can read the response here.

In a significant win for these members the minister has confirmed that the issue will be resolved moving forward. Unfortunately, the commitment to backpay was not made but the AEAV is negotiating an outcome with AV.

Ultimately these members should not be disadvantaged because AV has decided that the globally recognised definition of “employed” does not apply for some AV staff.


  • AV – Let us know here what you would like to see included in the log of claims. Negotiations due to commence in February 2023.
  • ESTA – Let us know here what you would like to see included in the log of claims. Negotiations due to commence in January 2023.


At the last negotiations, the unions presented NPT with an expanded classification structure for all operational employees. The new classification structure provides for yearly increments up to 7 years. NPT are considering this proposal and will get back to the unions at the next negotiation meeting on 27 September.


AV has started announcing appointments to the 22 strong team in the new Equality & Workplace Reform Division. We have had the opportunity to meet with a few of the new appointments and are impressed to some degree with their credentials. In the past the AEAV has expressed concerns about internal appointments to the team. The AEAV will be watching very closely the announcements over the coming weeks and will be speaking out if we feel the integrity of the team is jeopardised by any of those appointed to roles.


An invitation from LaTrobe University to fill out a questionnaire to help get a better understanding of different work-related factors on sleep in rural and metro workforces and potential OH&S consquences.

To take part, please follow the link HERE or find out further information here.


After an extended period without a break I have finally relented and will be taking 4 weeks leave, commencing today, Monday the 12th of September. During this period please forward your enquiries to either:


As always, if you have any issues, questions or queries, get in touch by leaving a message on 9287 1713 or email [email protected]

And most importantly, please stay safe out there.

Brett Adie – AEAV Secretary





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