Full Penalties Unpaid at ESTA

On the 11th of October 2022 the AEAV wrote to ESTA to raise concerns regarding the organisation’s failure to honor the agreed conditions stated in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) negotiations between ESTA and the Union. ESTA had promised to pay the 10% extra penalties for the full shift on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

After several AEAV members raised this issue, Delegate Sharyne Doensen emailed the Executive Director ECS on the 15th of September 2022 seeking clarification around the cause of the delay and a timeline for implementation. While Executive advised there were problems in the payroll system accommodating the penalties, and that a resolution was a priority, no timeframe was able to be advised.

As at today’s date, almost 4 weeks later, neither Delegate Sharyne Doensen, nor AEAV as an organization, have been provided any further update on the matter.

This is a significant issue for AEAV members who are working those unsociable shift times. AEAV is pushing for more transparency from management by requesting ESTA invite an appropriate representative from Payroll to be present at The MOU ESTA Union meeting scheduled for 13th of October 2022. Members want to hear precisely what is preventing Payroll from paying the full entitlement.

With enterprise bargaining on the horizon, it’s important that ESTA works transparently with union members and acts in good faith. The AEAV will gladly bargain with ESTA once this issue and the other commitments made in The MOU are addressed.

You can read the full letter sent the Executive Director ECS on behalf of AEAV members here.


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