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19 August 2022


In recent weeks Ambulance Victoria has been in the media again for all the wrong reason. Meanwhile ESTA is driving their own staff into the ground and putting the onus back on them to work harder to make their workplace better. And the role of private non-emerg in the pandemic continues to be ignored by the government.

The sector is in crisis and it is the workers and the community that suffer. Meanwhile Executives of these organisations and the government seem untouchable and unaccountable for the failures and the harm caused.

The recent naming of an AV Executive in the media who is alleged to have behaved very poorly has been dismissed by AV on the basis that they have no evidence or complaints made to them. And whilst this member of the Executive is still in the workplace, AV will probably not receive any complaints because of the reputation of the individual and the failure of AV to provide a safe environment for making complaints. So the perception of favourable treatment for the elite and the “boys club” is reinforced.

The AEAV is aware that some current members of the Executive were named in submissions to VEOHRC as part of the cultural review. Conveniently these submissions are now tucked away in a drawer and will never see the light of day.

AV is a long way from providing a workplace where staff feel safe to speak up about those in Executive positions. More needs to be done, and should have been done.


Over the last few months we have presented AV with a number of opportunities to lead by example in enacting the VEOHRC outcomes and to start putting in place protections and fixes that will show that the organisation is committed to change.

AV have refused to enact changes that improve equality and access to professional opportunities and to reduce the possibility of favourable treatment. In some cases their response has been to leave it for the VEOHRC Steering Committee. Disappointing that when opportunities to do right are handed to them on a platter that the response is to suggest improvements for the future and not deal with the hear and now. It’s like being in an episode of Utopia and leaves us questioning the resolve of the executive. Executives should be leading by example, not just assuming someone else will probably deal with it in the future.

They should be embracing these opportunities, not cowering from them.


Recently the AEAV has spent time in Mildura with our campaign to increase resourcing. The need for additional resources has been further evidenced in recent days with another case hitting the media.

A/RD of Loddon Mallee, Trevor Weston, was interviewed on ABC radio about the case and his responses reeked of deflection and showed a lack of understanding of the issues in rural Vic. It is an example of AV hoodwinking the public to make things look better than they really are. You can read more about the spin and listen to the interview HERE.

The petition for more Mildura resources continues and can be signed HERE.


With the first instalment of $1500 of the $3000 Winter Retention payment by the state government to public sector Victorian Health workers set to be paid, the state government has again deliberately ignored private NEPT workers. They are deliberately ignoring workers that they have contracted to help alleviate ambulance workload in the state health system. These ambulance sector employees have stood alongside their public sector colleagues during COVID, treating and transporting the same patients. They have shamefully been ignored by this state government whilst simultaneously expected to step up in times of increased workload due to COVID.


Last week Ken Lay announced his resignation as Chair of the AV Board (effective 25 August 2022). The AEAV stands as the voice against the tide and spoke out publicly about the period in which Mr Lay held this position. There is no denying that the AV culture did not improve over the last 7 years. You can read our media release HERE.


Last week nearly 40 women from across the ambulance sector met at the AEAV office to hear from ACTU President Michele O’Neil and Lisa Munday, WA state politician, registered paramedic, and psychologist. The event was a great success and ensured that there will be more of these in the future. We will provide a more detailed summary of the day in the near future


The next Enterprise Agreement negotiations with NPT are scheduled for 24 August 2022. In preparation for this meeting, the AEAV and the VAU have held discussions to reach a unified position on a new classification structure for PTOs and ATAs. This will be presented to NPT and discussed at the next meeting. It is likely to form the bulk of discussions in the future.


Last week we hope we signed the final version of the ESTA Pandemic MOU. There has been a couple of versions over recent weeks but we are hopeful that this is the final one so ESTA can start rewarding ESTA workers for their tireless efforts.


The Dept of Health is reviewing NEPT Clinical Practice Protocols and wants to hear from the workforce. They have a survey for NEPT workers to get feedback on the current CPP’s and proposed changes. You can access the survey HERE.


Unionshopper has released its new website. Discounts are available for an extensive range of products and services for AEAV members. If already a member of unionshopper you can access the new page here.

For more info on how to access Unionshopper click here.


As always, if you have any issues, questions or queries, get in touch by leaving a message on 9287 1713 or email [email protected]

And most importantly, please stay safe out there.

Brett Adie – AEAV Secretary





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