Welcome APA (VIC) members

As a loyal APA (VIC) member we would like to welcome you to AEAV.

As you may be aware, things have changed considerably for AEAV over the last couple of years. We are committed to returning the registered union for Victorian Paramedics and ambulance workers to our core union values of Transparency, Fairness , Equality , Integrity, Respect and Compassion.

The new AEAV has worked closely with APA (VIC) over the last 18 months and we have built and maintained strong relationships with the APA (VIC) Committee. These relationships are founded on our common principles.

At AEAV we are committed to ensuring that all members have a voice. Our experienced team of paramedics, organisers and lawyers work hand in hand with members to ensure we are across the issues that matter to our members.  

We look forward to welcoming you to AEAV and working with you to improve your workplace through consultation and where necessary, challenging employers decisions. 

Special Offer for APA members

In recognising the contribution of APA (VIC) to the industrial landscape in Victoria and the loyalty and commitment of APA (VIC) members, the AEAV would like to make the following offer to all current APA (VIC) members.

Full membership for $8 per week for first 6 months (with confirmation of your current membership status with the APA (VIC) Secretary)

Option to pay first year up front at the reduced rate of $8/week (if paid before 31 Oct 2021).

Immediate access to individual industrial representation as provided to AEAV members 

Full access to AEAV member benefits including best Income Protection scheme available to ambulance workers 

How does this compare?

 Full-time Qualified Paramedic dues are usually $16.50/week so this is more than a 50% discount for APA members.

For other categories of members, we can offer you the $8/week rate or the usual rate for your membership type, whichever is lower. To see our full fee structure, click here.

We offer reduced membership rates for Graduate Paramedics, Patient Transport Officers, ACOs, FMO’s, LSO’s,  ESTA staff, Admin staff, Students and Retired members and further reductions for anyone working less than 25 hrs/week.

How to access this offer?

Complete the below form and under ‘Is there anything you’d like us to know about your work?’ please include that you are a current APA (VIC) member. The rate listed won’t be correct but we will ensure you get this special rate if you are an APA (VIC) member.

The below is a direct debit form only, if you wish to pay by credit please call us on (03) 9287 1713

Join the AEAV today!

Member Benefits

What you can access:

Get the AEAV in your corner, with comprehensive industrial support, advice and collective bargaining to improve conditions.