AVMA Agreement Negotiations

The Ambulance Victoria Management and Administration (AVMA) agreement will be negotiated over the next three months. There is time pressure to reach agreement because the Government’s new wages policy kicks in at the end of September, meaning any agreement negotiated before that date will receive 0.5% more in funding from government.

Significant matters under discussion include:

  • Wages and Salaries
  • Progression through classification value points
  • Commuted Availability Allowance
  • Consultation around change
  • Working from Home
  • Career Development

In the most recent negotiation, AEAV proposed a bullying clause for inclusion in the next AVMA Agreement. There are challenges around resolution of bullying issues within Ambulance Victoria, as unlike other organisations, Ambulance Victoria employees do not have access to the bullying provisions under the Fair Work Act. We are hopeful that negotiations will be successful, and that this clause will fill the gap that currently exists around external review of bullying cases. The proposed clause that was presented to the parties involved in the negotiation can be found here.

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